In the world of SEO, competition within a particular niche such as attorneys can significantly impact how businesses approach their online marketing strategies. When there are numerous companies vying for attention from potential customers and targeted keywords in an industry’s competitive landscape it becomes crucial to adopt more aggressive tactics that will help elevate your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). This may involve conducting extensive keyword analysis research building high-quality backlinks creating engaging content regularly updating site information monitoring performance metrics closely and staying up-to-date with best practices set by other players in the field.

While implementing these aggressive SEO techniques is necessary when operating in highly contested niches; one must also remain cautious not to violate Googles guidelines or risk facing penalties that could harm ones ranking position. Therefore its essential to strike a balance between being assertive yet compliant while pursuing optimal rankings through SEO efforts. By doing so businesses stand a better chance at attracting organic traffic and ultimately driving conversions among prospective clients searching for products/services related to their offerings.

This is why a more competitive niche such as attorneys need a hands on expert maximizing every strategy allowed by Google. Regardless of the hands on time we need to devote to making our attorneys to the top of Google we have still made it extremely affordable. Get started today before the cost increase.

Initial Review

  • Website & Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research & Analysis: 40
  • Total Content Pieces : 10
  • Plagiarism
  • Initial Ranking Report






Local SEO Setup

  • Google Map Integration
  • Google My Business setup and optimization
  • Local Citation/Listing: 40
  • Classifieds

On Page Optimization: 3-Months

  • Header Tags (H1) Optimization
  • Meta Title, Description Optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • URL Structure
  • Content Analysis
  • HTML Source Code Optimization
  • Broken Link Checking & Removal
  • Webmaster and Analytics setup
  • robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap setup



Content Marketing

  • Blog Writing and Submission: 4
  • Article Writing and Submission: 2
  • Press Release: 2
  • Guest Post: 2

Off Page Optimization

  • Backlinks : 120
  • Blog promotion : 40
  • Article promotion : 40
  • press release promotion : 30
  • social bookmarking : 40
  • guest post promotion: 20
  • presentation/slide submission: 4
  • presentation promotion: 40
  • infographic creation: 4
  • infographic promotion: 30
  • Q/A: 8

Customer Support

  • Email
  • Call


  • Ranking Report
  • Detailed Report

Includes AI Hosting Marketing

Free website (sub directory), Hosting with custom domain, AI Content Creation, Auto Blog Creation, Content Marketing, Social Marketing,
Bonus AI Video and Marketing Suite